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Our sauna facility

Gp Hotel 54

Finnish sauna




Kneipp Sauna

Mg 0876

Kneipp Sauna


Kneipp Sauna


Kneipp Sauna

Tips for the sauna

  • The sauna is good for everyone! For example, neither high or low blood pressure nor diabetes are an obstacle. In certain cases, however, you should consult a doctor about taking a sauna, e.g. at the beginning and end of a pregnancy.
  • Ideally, do not eat anything for two to three hours before going to the sauna and avoid alcohol.
  • Listen to your body and stay only as long as it does you good.
  • Saunas are worthwhile all year round - whether summer or winter! You can shorten the warm-up phase and extend the cooling phase - depending on the season.
  • Sit or lie down on a towel when you first go into the sauna and stay for about 5 minutes. Sit on the last two of them. Prolong your stay in the sauna (or steam bath) only gradually.
  • Allow yourself extensive rest periods: the rest period should be at least as long as the heat phase, rather a few minutes longer!
  • Refresh yourself with a cold shower after the rest phase. Take a warm footbath - this will prevent "after-sweating".
  • Drink AFTER the sauna bath... preferably fresh tap water...

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How to find us

Wellnesshotel Golfpanorama
Golfpanorama 6
8564 Lipperswil

+41 52 208 08 08
[email protected]

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