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It is not a little time we have, but it is a lot of time that we do not use.

Helen Götsch is GolfFitness Trainer, BodyBALANCE Trainer, Aerobic Instructor, Dipl. Yoga Teacher. Exercise provides the body with enough of the vital oxygen and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Balanced fitness training helps to strengthen body awareness. Our fitness room is a good alternative if the weather does not lure you into the outdoors for your daily Nordic Walking training.



Inner balance through intensive bodywork: Yoga has a calming, balancing effect on many people and can thus counteract the consequences of stress. Yoga also improves mobility, strengthens the core muscles and promotes the cardiovascular system. The course is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students.

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The unique fitness class is all about the BLACKROLL®, which solves tension through self-massage and thanks to different degrees of hardness. The trained BLACKROLL® trainer Frank Rabe shows how to properly massage, strengthen and stretch the various roles.

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The Pilates method is a holistic body workout in which especially the low-lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups are addressed, which should ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

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Back Fit

In this course you start with a short warm-up phase, followed by the strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles. In addition, spinal mobilization exercises are performed (to maintain flexibility), as well as stretching of the most commonly shortened muscles (to maintain our upright posture). Finally, a relaxation is part of the Back Fit program.


Power Walking

If you don't feel exhausted by "normal" walking, you can improve your skills and do power walking with us. Different variations are possible, without poles, from fast walking to hilly walking and other varied ways of increasing intensity.


Nordic Walking

The use of sticks turns walking into a training, in which the upper body muscles are additionally stressed. Nordic Walking is just as suitable for ambitious athletes as it is for less trained people.

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Circle Power

Circuit training provides a simple, targeted, effective and time-optimized training for people who have little time for training, but want quick but sustainable results. We enhance it to a shared experience for young and old with state-of-the-art TECHNOGYM equipment.

Fitness activities and courses

Aqua FitnessMonday10:15  40 minutes
Belly, legs and bottomTuesday10:15  40 minutes
Nordic WalkingWednesday10:00  50 minutes
Progressive muscle relaxationThursday10:00  40 minutes
Back FitFriday10:00  50 minutes
BLACK ROLL®Saturday16:15  30 minutes
YogaSaturday17:00  50 minutes
PilatesSunday08:15  50 minutes

Price for external guests CHF 25.00, for hotel guests included.
Course takes place from two persons and at registration until the evening before.

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"It is not little time that we have, but a lot of time that we do not use."

Helen Götsch Trainer

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