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Beauty treatments and massages

Whether traditional treatments, luxurious beauty treatments or wellness treatments with apple blossom products - for our team in the "Fleur de Pomme" wellness area, your well-being is always the focus. A variety of revitalizing, regenerating and rejuvenating body & beauty treatments awaits you. Expert hands and selected cosmetic products ensure that our applications have a noticeable effect.

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Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Ol Damenmassage Olmassage Duft 4

Diverse massages at Lake Constance

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CHF 135.- 65 minutes

Shiatsu bedeutet "Fingerdruck" auf Japanisch und unterstützt die natürlichen Selbstregulierungskräfte des Körpers, stimuliert die Lebenskraft und trägt zum physischen und emotionalen Wohlbefinden bei. Shiatsu wirkt bei einer Vielzahl von Beschwerden, begleitet Veränderungsprozesse auf körperlicher und seelischer Ebene. Tauchen Sie ein in die absolute Entspannung für Kopf und Körper.


    Foot reflexology

    CHF 65.- 25 minutes

    All organs, joints and parts of the body have specific reflex zones on the feet. They can be activated for self-healing with a special pressure massage, for example for problems with the spinal column and digestion disorders. In this way the massage provides a positive energy flow through the entire organism and therefore results in an optimised functioning of the metabolism.

      Klassische Massage

      Classic Massage

      CHF 115.- 50 minutes

      The torso, arms and legs are massaged using various massage techniques. Friction, kneading, rapping and hammering are applied here. Tense muscles are loosened, an optimum blood supply is achieved.

        Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Klang Klangschalen Klangtherap 11

        Aroma oil massage

        CHF 115.- 50 minutes

        The optimal skin care, soothing and relaxing. Soft relax massage.
        Select your aroma oil:

        • SOTHYS Orangenblüten und Zedernholz
        • SOTHYS Zimt und Ingwer
        • SOTHYS Zitrone und Bitterorange
        • SOTHYS Kirschblüte und Lotus

        Forehead oil treatment

        CHF 180.- 65 minutes

        The warm apple blossom forehead oil treatment calms the mind and the senses. The warm oil jet on the forehead enables “emotio and ratio” to harmonise, therefore providing you with pleasant and regenerating deep relaxation. In order to prepare for the forehead oil treatment, we treat you with a full-body oil rub. Please only reserve the forehead oil treatment during your stay and not on your arrival day or day of departure.

          Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Stone Hotstone Massage Damen Damenmassage Freundinnenmassage 10

          Sound Bowl

          CHF 145.- 65 minutes

          Waves of therapeutic sound vibrations penetrate the body tangibly and stimulate the energy flow up to the smallest cell in your body. Pure vitality and relaxation. Treatment starts with a full-body oil rub and then you enjoy the massage alternately with the sound.

            Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Duftstempel Hande Entspannung Gesund 2

            Herbal stamp

            CHF 155.- 65 minutes

            The herbal stamp massage consists of massaging the body with warm herbal stamps. By heating the stamps in hot oil, the substances contained in the stamp as well as the skin care oil can develop ideally. The fragrance of the contents and the art of harmonious massage techniques become one at a high physical and mental level.

              Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Stone Hotstone Massage Damen Damenmassage Freundinnenmassage 3

              Hot stone

              CHF 135.- 60 minutes

              The use of heated stones enables the heat to penetrate into the deeper zones of the body, thus stimulating blood circulation and the metabolism. The hot stone massage is a perfect combination of massage, energy work and the pleasant effect of hot stones. Application results in physical and mental equilibrium.

                Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Golf Golfmassage Herrenmasssage

                ”Golfer’s relaxation“

                CHF 115.- 50 minutes

                The technique applied is equivalent to a full-body massage or part-body massage with mobilisation of the lumbar spine for relaxation, relief of strain and improvement of agility! Make use of the additional flexibility gained and improve your golf game.

                  Golfpanorama Ruckennacken Day Spa

                  Energie "Rücken-Kopf"

                  CHF 115.- 50 minutes

                  Individuelle Rückenmassage inklusive einer Kopf-Nacken-Schulter-Behandlung. Diese Energie-Massage löst verspannte und schmerzende Stellen und wirkt beruhigend und stimulierend. Nach dieser Massage fühlt man sich ausgeglichener und in Balance - die Entspannung während dieser Massage ist bedeutsam!


                    Energie "Rücken-Fuss"

                    CHF 115.- 50 minutes

                    Individuelle Rückenmassage inklusive einer Fussreflexzonenmassage. Diese Energie-Massage wirkt belebend und ausgleichend.

                      Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Damenmassage 18

                      Beauty Packages and Cosmetics

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                      Feet – SPA pedicure

                      CHF 75.- 40 minutes

                      Pedicure including peeling and foot bath.


                        Hands – SPA manicure

                        CHF 65.- 40 minutes

                        Manicure including peeling and hand bath, if desired with nail varnish (+ CHF 10.-)

                          Classic Facial

                          Classic Facial

                          CHF 185.- 80 minutes

                          Skin diagnosis, in-depth cleaning, peeling, eyebrow correction, ampoule, with intense massage of the décolleté, neck, nape of the neck and face, mask as well as moisturising day care. Treatment with “SOTHYS” cosmetics

                            Golfpanorama Lobby Wellness Models Dessert Kaffe Susses 3 1

                            Packages for Two

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                            Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Behandlungsraum Sekt Glas Badewanne 3

                            Rendezvous package

                            CHF 290.- 85 minutes

                            Geniessen Sie zu zweit ein Package, welches Sie im Paar-Behandlungsraum erleben dürfen.

                            • Gemeinsames Wellness-Bad für Zwei mit einem Gläschen Apfelschaumwein
                            • Parallel: Ganzkörpermassage
                            • Shared wellness bath for two with a glass of sparkling apple wine
                            • Parallel: Aroma oil massage (choose between apple and lavender blossom oil)
                            Golfpanorama Lobby Wellness Models Dessert Kaffe Susses 22

                            Spa Packages for Ladies

                            more info
                            Belly Relax Massage

                            “Belly Relax“ – Almost a mum

                            CHF 200.- 90 minutes

                            1x Belly Relax massage: A soft hand loosens tense muscles, supplying them with blood together with the tissue. They are massaged with natural jojoba oil and pleasantly scented apple blossom oil, which has a tissue tightening effect. The plucking massage technique on the stomach improves the elasticity of the skin and supports the natural tone in order to prevent stretch marks.

                            1x Belly Relax facial treatment: The apple blossom cosmetics moisturises and has tissue tightening properties. Within a short period, we indulge you with cleansing, skin type determination, peeling, a mask and the subsequent final phase of the body care programme.

                              Golfpanorama Lobby Wellness Models Dessert Kaffe Susses 27

                              Ladies’ Day

                              CHF 480.- 210 minutes

                              Take a day’s time. We indulge you with:

                              • a body peeling
                              • a bath
                              • an aroma oil massage
                              • an 80-minute facial treatment
                              • manicure or pedicure (if desired with varnish)
                              Peeling Babor


                              more info
                              Peeling Babor

                              Body peeling “Sothys"

                              CHF 85.- 35 minutes

                              Diese Behandlung beginnt mit einer Massage, die ein zart pflegendes Peeling aufträgt, bestehend aus 3 Salzen, das die Haut schonend reinigt und zur Regeneration anregt.

                                Babor Tech Microdermabrasion Querformat

                                Mikrodermabrasion | Needling | Spot Reduction

                                more info
                                Golfpanorama Wellnessbereich Spabereich Trockene Blumen Eingang Nahaufnahme

                                High Tech Power Peeling

                                CHF 220.- 80 minutes

                                This treatment is a power peeling and includes a cleanse, intensification of the active ingredient concentrate through ultrasound, a massage of the face, neck and décolleté, a facial mask and daily skin care.

                                • 1x BABOR Ultimate Protecting Balm SPF 50 (50 ml)
                                Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Damenmassage 13

                                Poultices with massage

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                                Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Ol Damenmassage Olmassage Duft 8

                                “Babor Spa“ poultice

                                CHF 90.- 30 minutes

                                Starting with a pressure massage and inspired by primary treatment techniques which activate the body’s self-healing powers, the “BABOR SPA” ritual becomes a treatment which gives you time to wind down.

                                  Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Badewanne Glaser Wein Weisswein Apfelwein Tucher Behandlungsraum
                                  Badewanne Spa

                                  “Fleur de Pomme“ wellness bath

                                  CHF 60.- 20 minutes

                                  Geniessen, Abschalten, Entspannen - mit einem duftendem Badeerlebnis und einem Glas Apfelschaumwein.

                                  Wählen Sie Ihr Aromabadesalz:

                                  • Apfelblüte
                                  • Lavendel-Zitronenmelisse
                                  • Kirschblüte
                                  Badewanne Spa

                                  Alkaline bath

                                  CHF 90.- 35 minutes

                                  At the beginning of a detoxification phase, the skin can provide effective support. The skin functions are particularly effectively stimulated by alkaline baths with a pH value of approx. pH 8.0.

                                    Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Herrenmassage Massage Behandlungsraum 2

                                    Spa Package for Men

                                    more info
                                    Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax Herrenmassage Hotstone Hotstonemassage Klang 16

                                    Babor Men – care for men

                                    CHF 125.- 65 minutes

                                    Absolutely masculine and convincing with innovative textures and the energising Taurec substance complex. The treatment counters tiredness and the feeling of stress, starting with cleansing, substance concentrate and eye care followed by a facial mask, a pleasant head massage and culminating in conclusive care. Treatment including a product for own use (facial cream).

                                      Golfpanorama Wellness Spa Erholung Relax 2

                                      Men’s Day

                                      CHF 295.- 155 minutes

                                      A men’s package Stress reduction and relaxation guaranteed.

                                      • Energy massage with foot reflexology and back massage
                                      • 65-minute facial “BABOR MEN” treatment
                                      • Manicure or pedicure
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