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It is not a little time we have, but it is a lot of time that we do not use.

For anyone looking for fun exercise in a small group, taking part in our fitness and exercise classes is a beneficial balance and a nice change of pace. Well-trained, professional trainers guide you through the courses. Exercise provides the body with sufficient vital oxygen and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Thus, a balanced fitness training helps to strengthen body awareness.

For hotel guests, the courses are included. Courses take place with a minimum of two people and with registration until the evening before.

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Inner balance through intensive bodywork: Yoga has a calming, balancing effect on many people and can thus counteract the consequences of stress. Yoga also improves mobility, strengthens the core muscles and promotes the cardiovascular system. The course is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students.

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BLACK ROLL® Fascia Training

The unique fitness class is all about the BLACKROLL®, which solves tension through self-massage and thanks to different degrees of hardness. The trained BLACKROLL® trainer Frank Rabe shows how to properly massage, strengthen and stretch the various roles.

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The Pilates method is a holistic body workout in which especially the low-lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups are addressed, which should ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

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Qi = life energy / Gong = constant practice. Qigong is therefore the work with one's own life energy.
Qigong is an exercise system with exercise series or individual exercises based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong trains body, mind and soul and thus serves to maintain holistic health.
This form of movement, meditation and concentration can be practised anywhere, at any time and by people of all ages. Qigong can be practised standing, sitting, lying down, in locomotion, in a room or in nature, in a group or alone.

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Aqua Fitness

Aquagymnastik vereint alle Vorteile des Wassertrainings: Gelenkfreundlich und umfassend. Jeder kann vom Ganzkörpertraining profitieren, unabhängig von Alter, Trainingsstand und Körpergewicht.

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Medicinal plants and herbs walk

A training on European medicinal plants led Anita Flossdorf to scan our green landscape with her eyes, collect herbs and experiment in the kitchen. Wild herbs can be collected almost all year round. Our herbs are superfoods, healing and tasty to boot! On the herb walks you will find, for example, ribwort plantain, red clover, daisies and dandelion with her. But also groundsel, wild cardoon (as a medicinal plant) and sow thistle.

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Forest bathing

Forest bathing" comes from Japan, where it has been scientifically proven that spending time in the forest is good for your health. Who is surprised? Spending time in the forest acts like an energy shower or cleanses like a bath. The volatile substances in the forest climate strengthen the immune system. When we spend time in the forest, we visibly relax, soul and spirit are nurtured, dejection and other negative moods dissolve.
When the weather is warm, meditation sessions in the trees are a good idea. Forest bathing is not a botanical excursion, but you are allowed to take something with you to note down your discoveries, but your watch, mobile phone and camera stay at home. Short mindfulness exercises take place before and in the forest. While bathing in the greenery, we continue to discover in silence, i.e. we perceive - mostly silently - through all our senses. There are tools for each person and small natural treasures to take home.


Helen Götsch

Yoga and Pilates

Helen Götsch is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, Pilates, golf fitness instructor, BodyBalance and CX-Worx instructor.

Anita Flossdorf

Qigong, herbal walk, forest bathing, holistic nutritional counselling

In addition to being a qualified business economist, Anita Flossdorf is also a non-medical practitioner, therapist for traditional Chinese medicine, holistic nutritionist and Qigong course instructor.

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