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Wellnesshotel Golf Panorama - your new employer?

The Wellnesshotel Golf Panorama does not employ employees but thinkers. And since only satisfied co-thinkers can inspire guests, our team is of the utmost importance for the Wellness Hotel Golf Panorama. Here you will not experience classic hierarchical structures but will meet your bosses at eye level. In addition, all team members benefit from reduced rates at our partner hotels Private Selection Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Come on, we look forward to getting to know you! Your Team Golf Panorama.

Co-Thinkers Brochure

10 reasons to become part of the team

  • Flat hierarchy, fast communication and decision paths
  • All-year jobs and open-ended LGAV contracts, as we are open all year round (365 days a year) and have a constant workload throughout the year (no season).
  • High-quality employee uniforms incl. washing service
  • Cheap employee overnight benefits: In all Private Selection Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels of the World
  • Great employee events: Christmas party, sports events, trainings, annual dinner of the "5er-Club" and many more.
  • Exciting perspectives: Internal promotions, training and further education at favourable conditions thanks to L-GAV support
  • Wellness use: We invite you to visit the SPA & fitness area. As a fellow thinker, you too should live and understand wellness.
  • SPA treatments experience - you get 50% on the applications
  • Annual birthday present such as a massage, pedicure/manicure, brunch or lunch and much more.
  • A workplace you will be proud of!

    Current vacancies

    Have you become curious and think that you fit in with us? Then we should definitely get to know each other! Send your application by e-mail to Esther Rausa: e.rausa(at)

    We look forward to receiving your informative application with the following documents:

    • Letter of application in German
    • Current passport photo
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Grades record
    job advertisementdate
    Receptionist 80-100%date of entry on appointment More info
    Waitress/Waiter 40-100%date of entry on appointment more infos
    Waitress/Waiter with representation barkeeper 40-100%date of entry on appointment more infos
    Assistance for Housekeepingdate of entry as of now more Infos

    An apprenticeship at Golf Panorama is cool - come too!

    Start your career in a great, stylish hotel, with a super working atmosphere and a great learning environment, as well as the chance to get your first job here after your apprenticeship!


    The Wellness Hotel Golf Panorama works on the following 3-year vocational training with a federal certificate of competence (EFZ):

    Professional courses

    So that you can get a taste of the above-described professions, you should first take part in the professional course:

    September 2021Saturday, 18th September 2021 from 10.00 Uhr

    Please register in writing with us until 7 days in advance: e.rausa (at)

    After visiting the professional course, you can apply in writing for a taster days or a whole taster week. For this we need by mail or [email protected]:

    • Curriculum vitae
    • Testimonies
    Register here for a professional course


    Once a year, the Wellnesshotel Golf Panorama invites all former students to a "Homecoming Day" for a reunion and dinner. Would you like to be part of the "Alumni Golf Panorama"? Then send us your current contact details. The next alumni reunion will take place in September 2021.

    Registration Alumni Golfpanorama

    Become part of the team?

    Spatz 0131b
    Caroline & Alexandre Spatz
    Peter Vogel
    Isabelle Holdener
    Vice Director
    Anne Seifert
    Spa management
    Esther Rausa
    Head of human resources
    Bea Dobos 9284b
    Bea Dobos
    Restaurant Manager
    Valerie Vötter
    Seminar and event coordination
    Laila Roos
    Golfpanorama 2602b
    Oliver Gehring
    Leiter Haustechnik
    Frank Rabe
    Massagen und Gesundheitstrainer
    Golfpanorama 1045
    Helen Götsch
    Yoga & Pilates
    Sandra Stirnimann
    Beauty und Massagen
    Anja Freukes
    Beauty und Massagen
    Nina Philipp
    Nina Philipp
    Monireh Naegeli
    Monireh Naegeli
    SPA Reception
    Nina Nickchen 9221b
    Nina Nickchen
    Jasmin Vetter
    Nadine Frei
    Nadine Frei
    Sven Dausel
    Chef de Bar
    Photo 07 10 20 05 08 35
    Michael Winkler
    Chef de Rang
    Foto 07 10 20 05 05 21
    Ramona Waldvogel
    Lehrling Restauration
    Foto 07 10 20 05 17 12
    Kilian Kistler
    Lehrling Restauration
    Foto 07 10 20 05 22 23
    Naomi Hess
    Chef de Rang
    Foto 07 10 20 05 29 22
    Andrei Robert Badea
    Chef de Partie
    Foto 07 10 20 07 23 29
    Ennio Loffreda
    Lehrling Hotelfachmann
    Foto 08 10 20 06 59 23
    Hafizullah Isaq
    Kitchen assistant
    Foto 08 10 20 07 04 26
    Ilham Ouedni
    Foto 08 10 20 07 12 54
    Yodit Gerebrhan
    Foto 08 10 20 07 17 53
    Jasmine Mann
    Lehrling Hotelfachfrau
    Foto 15 10 20 05 11 50
    Kevin Schwitzer
    Sous Chef
    Foto 30 10 20 06 19 00
    Joey Hafner
    Chef de Rang
    Foto 30 10 20 06 25 37
    Ranka Mirkovic
    Foto 30 10 20 06 42 30
    Patricia Da Silva
    Foto 30 10 20 07 13 11
    Lorenzo Misani
    Lehrling Hotelfachmann
    D8n0965 4949
    Sinnathamby Subramaniyam
    Voislav Abwasch 3500
    Vojislav Trailovic
    Johnny Abwasch
    Injodikaran Johnson
    Andi Abwasch2
    Skowronski Andrzej
    Daniela Strazza
    Chef de Rang
    Img 8426
    Maria Krucker
    Aushilf Chef de Rang
    Img 8385
    Doris Kessler
    Chef de Rang
    Img 8435
    Christian Tosi
    Assistent Techniker
    Nicole Ponce
    Nicole Ponce
    Aushilf Chef de Rang
    20201130 175527 Resized
    Tania Almeida
    Aushilf Chef de Rang
    Foto No Exif
    Lara Marsicano
    Lehrling Hotelfachfrau
    Patricia Moor2
    Patricia Moor
    Img 8350
    Marije Xhini
    Aushilfe Hauswirtschaft
    Vito Cantarella
    Chef de Rang
    Golfpanorama 2558b
    Antonios Koskeris
    Patrick Schlosser
    Kjemalije Jakupi
    Faye Salem
    Lehrling Restauration
    Erika Schwarz
    Leiterin Frühstück
    Sabrina Santacatterina
    Aushilf Chef de Rang
    Dani Fuchs
    Daniel Fuchs
    Chef de Rang
    Golfpanorama 2632b
    Janine Hasler
    Golfpanorama 2538b
    Anastasia Tarnava
    Beauty und Massagen
    Golfpanorama 2675b
    Dionysios Giatras

    How to find us

    Wellnesshotel Golfpanorama
    Golfpanorama 6
    8564 Lipperswil

    +41 52 208 08 08
    [email protected]

    to the arrival and contact page

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