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Enjoy your holidays and make the most of your time together.

We have put together for you the most beautiful sights and excursion destinations in the area.

Connyland Mammuttree

Conny-Land Lipperswil

The Conny-Land is the largest amusement park in Switzerland and inspires the whole family with its attractions. The Conny-Land is1 km away from the hotel and can therefore be reached on foot or by car. Overnight guests at the Golfpanorama wellness hotel can enjoy a 20% discount. You can pick up the discount vouchers for this at reception.

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Rundgang 1 Oeffentlich 1

Maestrani’s Chocolarium Flawil

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and experience an interactive factory tour. An adventure tour playfully explains how chocolate is made. “Globis Chocolate Experience” was developed for the children. You can also create your own chocolate there. The drive to Flawil takes about 40 minutes.

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Technorama Spiegeleien Polyeder Spiegel Caspar Schwabe 3

Technorama Winterthur – Swiss Science Center

A science learning center unique in Europe with over 500 experiment stations. Touch, understand and play - no matter how young (or young at heart) and how familiar someone is with science, art and technology. The visitor gains knowledge in physics, technology, techno art and perception.

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Altnau Altnauer Apfelweg

Apple trail Altnau

Combination of a wonderful panorama of Lake Constance and exciting things on the subject of apples: the 2-hour excursion through the world of Swiss fruit growing is prepared for children. The themed trails start between the train station and the town center. Our tip: Combine the Apple Trail with a visit to the holiday farm to have a coffee and snack on Thurgau specialties. Or you can go swimming: On the bank you will find a freely accessible bathing area with a pebble beach, raft, lawns, toilets and kiosk. The drive to Altnau takes about 35 minutes. You can also take the bus to Ermatingen and then the train to Altnau.

Insel Mainau Blumen Und Action5

Mainau island - flowers and action

Great family experiences: There is a wide range of activities such as the Mainau farm, a treasure hunt, guided tours for children and the adventure playground. This makes it possible to move from one house to the next over suspension bridges or chain bridges without touching the ground. The children get from one side to the other by cable ferry or rafts.

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Smilestones Lupe Quer Bergwelt 1500

Smilestones Miniatur World Rhinefall

Small, unique and breathtakingly beautiful, that is our Switzerland. But exactly these attributes also apply to smilestones. In the immediate vicinity of the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls, the largest covered miniature world in the country is being created on an area the size of seven tennis courts.

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Fabelweg Tafel

Fable path from Steckborn to Ermatingen

You have a magnificent view of the Untersee on the Thurgauer Fabelweg above the western shore of Lake Constance. The scenic high path from Steckborn over Oberfruthwilen to Ermatingen combines the most beautiful natural enjoyment with fabulous fairytale pleasure over an easy eleven kilometers. 18 stations take you into the world of fables between Steckborn and Ermatingen. The themed hiking trail, which is particularly suitable for children and families, can be hiked comfortably in three hours and is spectacular Views of the Lake Constance region. Our tip: Above Berlingen you will find a barbecue area with a covered seating area, the wood, etc. is already ready. It is best to take the bus or car to Ermatingen (free parking spaces at the train station) and take the train to Steckborn and then start the hike to Ermatingen from there.

Sea Life Panorama

SEA LIFE Konstanz

The SEA LIFE large aquariums are ambassadors for the seas. During the regular feeding times, children can become active themselves and help feed freshwater fish or rays, they will be delighted with stories about the sea creatures and so-called "touch basins" await visitors. Here you can experience for yourself what it feels like when cleaner shrimp clean your fingertips. The drive to Constance takes about 15 minutes. Our tip: Park on the Swiss side at the Lake Constance arena and walk to Sea Life within 5 minutes. Don't forget to take your ID with you, because you are walking across the border.

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Die Bronzezeitlichen Pfahlbauten Von Unteruhldingen Copyright Pfahlbaumuseum F Muller

Pfahlbaumuseum Unterhuldingen

The pile dwelling settlements from the Stone and Bronze Ages (4,000 to 850 BC) on Lake Constance are coming to life again in Unteruhldingen. The Archaeorama offers a very special impression for young and old of the world cultural heritage of the stilt houses under water. During the tours and action programs, the employees pay special attention to children. Lifelike scenes with figures, animals and models as well as tools you can touch offer an exciting insight into the everyday life of the people of the Stone and Bronze Ages. The drive takes about 1 hour.

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Kreuzlingen Seeburgpark Tierpark

Peter und Paul Tierpark

The Peter and Paul Wildlife Park is located in the city of St.Gallen, on a hilltop near Rotmonten on the eastern Rosenberg. From various locations in the park there are beautiful views of the canton of Thurgau, Lake Constance, southern Germany, Vorarlberg and the Alpstein. The wildlife park restaurant rounds off the attractive leisure and information offer. The wildlife enclosures fit seamlessly into the gently undulating terrain. The paths through the wildlife park are wheelchair accessible. Admission is free. Dogs are allowed on a short leash. The drive there takes about 55 minutes.

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Sunnehuesli Guettingen

Sunnehüsli Güttingen

The Sunnehüsli is a playground and a garden restaurant in one and is located on the shores of Lake Constance and can be easily reached by bike or on foot. There are also petting animals there. It is always open when the weather is nice. Our tip: Be sure to try the apple pie! The drive to Güttingen takes 30 minutes (parking spaces are signposted on site). Alternatively, you can take the bus to Ermatingen and from there take the train to Güttingen.

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Flugplatz 1

Sitterdorf airfield amusement park

As the only airfield in Switzerland, the Sitterdorf airfield offers fun and games for the whole family. Guests can expect an exciting combination of an animal and leisure park for young and old. The playground and amusement park for all age groups offers several attractions, such as a nautic jet, butterfly, cable car, hamster wheel and much more. The children's train, which runs around the entire park, is also very popular. All railways are operated with tokens, which can be obtained at the airport. The drive is approx. 20 minutes.

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Momoe Moehl Museum Holzfasskeller

Mosterei- und Brennereimuseum Arbon

The Möhl cider factory in Arbon has been processing apples into juice, cider and cider since 1895. In the museum, on their company premises, you can see antique presses, fruit mills and laboratory equipment. At interactive stations, visitors can understand the development of fruit processing and take a look into the future. There are also all kinds of delicious things to taste.

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Waeldi Hohenrain Napoleonturm Unten

Napoleonturm Hohenrain

A wonderful panoramic view awaits you on the viewing platform of the Napoleon Tower, which can be reached via 200 steps. The current tower is not the first, however, in 1829 Louis Napoléon III. the “Belvedère zu Hohenrain” built. You can walk to the Napoleon Tower in around 45 minutes - ask at reception for directions.

Strandbad Ermatingen Sonnenuntergang

Ermatingen lido

The natural lido is beautifully located in the middle of the wonderful landscape on the Untersee, directly on the Konstanz / Kreuzlingen - Stein am Rhein bike and hiking trail with a spacious, partially shaded lawn, playground, children's paddling pool, beach volleyball field and soccer field. Our tip: Visit the Badi Beizli - be it for an ice cream, burger or fish crispy with a glass of wine! You can also visit the Beizli without entering the lido. The drive to Ermatingen takes 7 minutes. You can also take the bus to Ermatingen Rathaus.

Urh Schiffahrt Web Jpeg

Shipping to Untersee and Rhine

A half-hour boat trip on Lake Constance and Seerhein takes you from Kreuzlingen, past Gottlieben, to the pretty fishing village of Ermatingen. From the ship you have a wonderful view of the species-rich flora and fauna of the Wollmatinger Ried nature reserve, where over 3000 swans linger at times. In Ermatingen, take the train back to Kreuzligen. Our tip: Park in Kreuzlingen at the harbor and combine the excursion with a visit to the playground in Seeburgpark. © AquaViva photographer Patrick Stoll

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Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal Vogelperspektive Fruhling

Neckertal treetop path

The hike in the middle of the forest at an unexpected height provides new knowledge and enables wonderful experiences. The Treetop Walk Neckertal as a forward-looking example of nature-friendly construction and the coexistence of people and nature. The path is 500 meters long, 2 to 4 meters wide and between 4 and 15 meters high. The viewing platform is 55 meters in height. The visit time takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on personal interests. The path is barrier-free - strollers and wheelchair users are very welcome. The drive to Neckertal takes about 50 minutes.

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Kreuzlingen Seeburgpark Spielplatz Mit Kinder

Seeburgpark in Kreuzlingen

The Seeburgpark is located directly on the lakeshore in Kreuzlingen and is 2.5 kilometers long - a nature and adventure park at its best. Old trees, biotopes and natural areas invite you to stroll. Highlights are the adventure playground, the zoo with old animal breeds and a mini golf course. A small medicinal and aromatic herb garden from the Rausch company is also waiting for visitors. Our tip: Visit the Schloss Seeburg restaurant in the middle of the Seeburg Park and enjoy an ice cream on the wonderful terrace!

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© Naturmuseum Thurgau In Frauenfeld Foto Florin Rutschmann Nussbaumen

Thurgau Nature Museum in Frauenfeld

How about a detour to the Thurgau canton capital? Awarded the Swiss Prix Expo and nominated for the European Museum Prize, the Thurgau Nature Museum in Frauenfeld is always worth a visit. Admission is free. The drive takes about 15 minutes. © Naturmuseum Thurgau In Frauenfeld Photo Florin Rutschmann Nussbaumen

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Plattli Zoo Frauenfeld Berberaffe Jungtier Rucken

Plättli Zoo Frauenfeld

The Plättli Zoo has been an integral part of Frauenfeld since 1958. The zoo shows around 50 species from all over the world and takes care of around 250 animals. The zoo is best known as a destination for families and for its familiar atmosphere. The playground in front of the zoo is also very nice. The drive is approx. 20 minutes.

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