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Art Museum and Festival

Bregenz offers Europe's largest floating stage, a beautiful old town, a large panoramic gondola or the art museum with its unique architecture.


Einzigartige Aussicht und mehr. Der fantastische Blick über den Bodensee, auf Österreich, Deutschland, die Schweiz und 240 Alpengipfel machen den Pfänder zum schönsten Aussichtspunkt der Region. Ob man den Alpenwildpark erkundet, die Greifvogel-Flugschau in der Adlerwarte besucht, wandert oder einfach nur die Aussicht von der Terrasse des Berghaus Pfänder geniesst – der Tag wird zum Erlebnis!

The perfect supporting programme for your team event

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Team events in / around the hotel

Attractive offers in the team make the Wellness Hotel Golf Panorama holistic experience! Sport and leisure activities on Lake Constance: Enrich your meeting or conference with an attractive supporting program at the Wellness Hotel Golf Panorama.

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Free time

from CHF 0.-
more info

Enjoy the time in between in the SPA with swimming pool and sauna or with a round of jogging, walking ...

1 to 2 hours SPA Price: CHF 0.00 for overnight guests, CHF 20.00 for external guests (up to a maximum of 2 hours)
Wellness basket with bathrobe and terry towels included

Try Golf in Lipperswil

from CHF 275.-
more info

Group training is a great way to surprise your friends, customers, work colleagues, etc. with something different. In a relaxed atmosphere with fun in the foreground, these courses will be adapted to your needs. Such training is not only suitable for beginners, but for any skill level. Group courses are suitable for up to 12 people per professional golf. For larger groups, several golf professionals will look after your group in different aspects of the game. Individual programs can be put together in advance. Course fees include rental clubs and range balls.

2-12 persons per golf instructor (max. 36) 1 to 2 hours 1 hour
Price: CHF 275.00 (6 to 12 people), CHF 110.00 to 175.00 for 1 to 5 people

2 hours
Price: CHF 455.00 (6 to 12 people), CHF 220.00 to 350.00 for 1 to 5 people
437157505 Huge Klein

Archery like Robin Hood

from CHF 1250.-
more info

Learn how to handle a bow and arrow. There is a lot behind it, what there is to discover. Let yourself be inspired by this "original device" and hit the mark (the black is actually yellow). Pleasure, challenge, excitement for you and the whole team.

5 to 60 (more people on request) 1 to 2 hours CHF 1'250.00 (up to 10 persons) - additional persons: 11 to 25 to + CHF 50.00 / pers., 26 to 40 to + CHF 40.00 / pers.

On request with torch light:
CHF 250.00 surcharge for torches and fire bowl (flat rate).
Shutterstock 640973725 Klein

Ice championship

from CHF 2000.-
more info

With an expert guidance, you create temporary works of art in ice in small teams and get to know each other from a new perspective, allowing yourself to be amazed by the unimaginable creativity and inventiveness of your employees or colleagues.

5 to 100 persons 2 to 2.5 hours CHF 2'000 (up to 10 persons) - additional persons: 11 to 25 to + CHF 90.00 / pers.,
26 to 40 to + CHF 80.00 / pers.
Shutterstock 107560646 Klein

Hotel Mini Golf

from CHF 1250.-
more info

Complete the mobile 9-hole course at the hotel. It requires skill and coordination. The division into small groups ensures that the participants have plenty of time to communicate and get to know each other. Hotel golf is a weatherproof offer.

4 to 80 people 1 to 3 hours CHF 1 250.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons: 11 to 25 to + CHF 60.00 / pers.,
26 to 40 to + CHF 50.00 / pers.
Steinebrunn Bluest Wandern

Crystal Hunt - GPS treasure hunt

from CHF 2250.-
more info

After a detailed briefing, you set off with your team. The goal: Collect as many of the hidden, precious crystals as possible within the given time. Equipped with programmed GPS outdoor device, map and post description and of course your own knowledge and intuition.

10 to 100 people 2 to 4 hours CHF 2 250.00 (up to 10 persons) - additional persons: 11 to 25 to + CHF
90.00 / pers., 26 to 40 to + CHF 80.00 / pers.
Weinfelden Wolfer

Winemaker Games

from CHF 1600.-
more info

Take on the role of a winemaker and prove your skills in fun disciplines. Here both wine lovers and wine connoisseurs get their money. This occasion can also be combined well with the wine evening with tasting.

10 to 100 (larger groups on request) 2 to 3 hours CHF 1 600.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons 11 - 25 persons + CHF 70.00 / pers. 26 - 40 persons + CHF 60.00 / pers.
Shutterstock 1773663857 Klein

The dice event

from CHF 1350.-
more info

Define your goals, your mission statement, your motto, your visions or even your talents. And then bring it on the magic cube. Creating this three-dimensional, personal puzzle is a great job for the whole team, which allows a lot of fun and creativity.

5 to 100 2 to 2½ hours CHF 1 350.00 (bis 10 Personen) weitere Personen 11 - 25 Personen + CHF 70.00 / Pers.
26-40 Personen + CHF 60.00 / Pers
Shutterstock 1102819382 Klein

The team picture

from CHF 1450.-
more info

Not only brushes and canvas are necessary to paint an impressive picture. In addition to the familiar tools, there are plenty of accessories and even more helpful tips to help you successfully bring your subject to the screen. A specialist accompanies and supports you during the whole event.

4 to 50 (larger groups on request) 2-3 hours CHF 1 450.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons 11 - 25 persons + CHF 80.00 / pers.
26 - 40 persons + CHF 70.00 / pers.
Shutterstock 382685590 1 1

Farmer Games

from CHF 1700.-
more info

A lot of fun activities awaits you. Keep track of the gold transport and the tranquility of the horseshoe pitch. Also, you should not underestimate the nailing. Whether you milk the cow "Elsa", blow it into the alphorn or give it everything you need with bow or blowpipe shooting: this event guarantees pure Swissness.

10 to 100 2 to 3 hours from CHF 1 700.00 (up to 10 pers.)
additional persons 11 - 25 persons + CHF 70.00 / pers.
26 - 40 persons + CHF 60.00 / pers.
Shutterstock 1626925618 Klein

Shooting Triathlon

from CHF 1600.-
more info

Archery like Robin Hood, crossbow shooting like Cinderella or Wilhelm Tell and blowpipe shooting like the Rainforest Indians! All three types of shooting pose the challenge of achieving the focused goal through good technique, concentration and inner peace. Of course you can also book only 1-2 disciplines.

5 to 100 2 to 3 hours CHF 1 600.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons: 11 -25 persons + CHF 60.00 / pers.
26 -40 persons + CHF 50.00 / pers.
Web Rzst Rahmenprogramm Alphorn Schnupperkurs 1280x960

Swiss Alphorn Course

from CHF 1150.-
more info

With the musicians, you will experience the alphorn in a different way ... First, the alphorn duo (for larger groups, a trio or a quartet) plays a few pieces and then try it yourself. It will be fun!

10 to 80 1 hour CHF 1 150.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons: 11 -25 persons + CHF 45.00 / pers.
26 - 40 persons + CHF 40.00 / pers.
Weinfelden Wolfer

Team events in the region

Attractive offers in the team make the Wellness Hotel Golfpanorama holistic experience! Sport and leisure activities on Lake Constance: Enrich your meeting or conference with an attractive supporting program at the Wellness Hotel Golfpanorama.

show the individual team events
Weinfelden Ottenberg Sonnenuntergang

Wine tasting at the winery Burkhart in Weinfelden

from CHF 250.-
more info

The winery to experience: The vineyard is located above the pretty wine village Weinfelden. Over 6 hectares of it are farmed by family Burkhart. In the vineyards grow Pinot Noir, Rondo, Pinot Blanc, Müller-Thurgau and Kernling. During a tour with the winemaker through the vineyard and cellar and subsequent degustation (4-5 wines), guests experience the Weinfelder winery with all their senses. In addition there is water and bread for a complete taste experience.

From 4 persons 1 to 1.5 hours CHF 250.00 (up to 10 persons) additional persons: CHF 18.00 / pers.
Dragonboat 3

Dragon boating on the Untersee (Lake Constance)

from CHF 2780.-
more info

Promote the feeling: "Everyone is in the same boat"! Dragon boating is a group-dynamic experience and an active as well as innovative entertainment on the water. First you help the team of to submerge the boats and then you are inaugurated by the professionals to the secrets of the paddling technique. You will learn about the many legends surrounding the origins of the dragon boating, as the roots of this Asian sport go back to 400 BC. Start of the tour is located in the beautiful fishing village Ermatingen (about 7 minutes drive from Lipperswil) directly on the Untersee.

From 12 to 120 persons (larger groups by arrangement) 2.5 hours From CHF 2'780.00 (12-20 persons with 1 dragon boat) | CHF 4'080.00 (21-40 persons with 2 dragon boats)
Gottlieber2025 Tiefere Auflosung

Gottlieber confectionery tour

from CHF 70.-
more info

Guided tour through Gottlieber Hüppen Manufaktur (Gottlieben is about 15 minutes by car from Lipperswil) followed by a Hüppen-degustation (Swiss speciality with filled, fine waffles).
January to June: every Tuesday and Wednesday possible.
Mid-August to mid-December: possible from Tuesday to Thursday.

From 10 to max. 35 people 1.5 hours, latest start 14.00 CHF 7.00 per person

Creative! Encounter with the stone

from CHF 225.-
more info

Give your employees a break with creative, sensual work on the stone. In the workshop of the Sculpture School Müllheim (Müllheim is about 7 minutes drive from Lipperswil away) you will be introduced to the creating of sculptures. Everyone chooses a piece of soapstone that appeals to them the most in color and shape. By filing, sanding and waxing a hand-sized small sculpture emerges: an abstract figure, an animal, a flatterer - your imagination knows no bounds. The exact procedure can be adapted to your individual needs and e.g. rounded off with a cozy aperitif in the premises of the Künstlercantina.

From 5 to 30 people (larger groups by arrangement) 2 hours CHF 45.00 per person

Kartbahn Sulgen Indoor and Outdoor

from CHF 550.-
more info

Countdown to ultimate driving experiences. "Experience" your pool position on the state-of-the-art kart track with 9-horse power, 9-horsepower unthrottled. The low seating position and the grip of the tires with hydraulic brakes, allow you to speed up your adrenaline ...! Sulgen is about 20 minutes drive away from Lipperswil.

From 6 to 120 persons (larger groups by arrangement) 2 hours From CHF 550.00
Baggerplausch Black 500x208


from CHF 790.-
more info

Fulfil a childhood dream for you and your team and sit on an excavator. Concentration is required as you control the excavator's many horsepower to master various games of skill. Fun takes centre stage.

4 to 120 min. 1.5 hours (up to 6 hours) From CHF 790 to CHF 2,780 (up to 20 people)
or from CHF 89/person (from 20 people)
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