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The first step to becoming a recognized golfer!

In many golf clubs, the course licence is a prerequisite for using the facility. This makes it a must for all hobby golfers and those who want to become one. Why not combine the work for the course licence with the pleasure?

A PGA golf coach will teach you everything you need to know over 5 days. Meanwhile, we provide you with delicious food and offer you relaxation in our spa area and your cosy hotel room after a long day on the golf course. At the end of your holiday at the beautiful Wellnesshotel Golfpanorama, you will not only go home well rested, but - if you do very well - also with your course licence in your pocket.

For absolute beginners, we recommend the basic course | 5-day course

This is what the 5-day golf course looks like:

From 2 to 4 persons:

  • Day 1 to 4: 2 hours of technique training in the morning, 3 hours of technique and course training in the afternoon.
  • Day 5: 3 hours training for practical test on the 9-hole course

For 1 person (private lesson):

  • Day 1 to 4: 1 hour of technique training in the morning and 2 hours of technique and course training in the afternoon.
  • Day 5: Practical examination on the 9-hole course

Final examination:

Successful performance will result in course maturity according to ASG regulations (min. 18 stableford points on 9 holes - HC54).

Handicap golf course

  • Total of 23 (resp. 12) training hours incl. skills and rules test to prepare for the course licence
  • Overnight stay in the category of your choice
  • Extensive breakfast buffet and selection menus in the evening
  • Free use of the wellness area and the fitness room
  • Wellness bag with bathrobe and towels
  • Free Internet access (WLAN)
  • Car park
  • Range fees and balls included (during training periods)
  • Rental clubs (also outside school hours)
  • from CHF 2660.- 7 Overnight stays per person in a double room
  • from CHF 3460.- 7 Overnight stays in a double room for single use (private course)


Ursin Caduff

PGA Golfprofessional and Plane Truth Golf Instructor

Ursin Caduff is "the Bündner" on the golf course - grew up in Danis-Tavanasa, which is charming to hear. Ursin is a passionate golf player and has been self-employed as a PGA Golf Professional since 2008. First a few years in Bad Griesbach and since 2013 in Lipperswil. He received the Plane Truth Certification Level 2 with Jim Hardy (Hall of Fame) and Chris O'Connell (Top 100 Teacher). He was particularly impressed by the ideas of Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell. All this specialist knowledge would not be valuable if he did not have a healthy dose of humor and a down-to-earth manner that allows him to meet people on an equal footing: Because only through his friendly manner is he close to the trainees and always ready to respond to questions and requests. Ursins speaks Romansh and German, English, French and Italian.

Stephen Belverstone


Stephen Belverstone has been involved in the golf business since 1996 and completed his training as a “British PGA Golf Professional” in 2004 with flying colors. He is currently AA Advanced Professional of the Swiss PGA as well as AA / AAT member of the British PGA. Stephen is a trained trainer of the “Association Suisse de Golf Advanced” and the “Association Suisse de Golf Elite” (for the region of Eastern Switzerland) in Lipperswil, where Stephen has been a golf instructor since 2006. Over the past 20 years Stephen has been a beginner To become a “European Tour Professionals”, Stephen has been a member of the “Swiss Olympic National Eliteschule Thurgau” since 2016. Stephen has also been an official golf instructor at the “Swiss Olympic National Elitschule Thurgau”.

Linda Roos

Milestones have been a member of the Swiss national team for 5 years.

Linda successfully completed her training at Swiss PGA in 2018 and has been a teaching pro at GC Lipperswil since 2016. She has been playing golf since she was 6 and has competed for the Swiss national team for 5 years. She is also involved with the Swiss Golf Association (Swissgolf) primarily for the girls (G4G) and has also worked as a coach at international tournaments. Golf has been with her all her life and she has had a lot of experiences that she is happy to pass on to her customers.

Golf Entry FAQ

Anyone who is new to the world of golf will initially have some unanswered questions, which we are happy to answer here:

  • Can I also learn to play golf on holiday?

    Of course! Especially for beginners, a golf holiday is the ideal opportunity to get a taste of golf in a relaxed atmosphere or to take a golf course. We recommend a total of two weeks for complete beginners. One week for the basic course and another week for the follow-up course (incl. the golf license exam). These two courses do not necessarily have to be booked consecutively. The basic course lasts 5 days, the course for the golf licence also 5 days. However, both courses can also be divided into 2+3 days. A few weeks or months may pass between the two courses (basic course and golf licence course), so that you can practice on the driving range in between. Beginners who already have some knowledge of golf can also start straight away with the course for beginners. It is best to clarify your individual needs and previous knowledge with the golf pro in advance.

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  • Do I have to be a member of a golf club to play golf on a course?

    No, but you do need a certificate confirming that you have a golf licence (for the 9-hole Feldgarten course in Lipperswil) or what your handicap is (for the 18-hole Schwarzebach + Burkert course at least HC 36). You can obtain this proof from a club (as here in Lipperswil) or one of the two organisations affiliated to the ASG (ASGI or Migros).

  • Is a licence to play golf acquired abroad also valid in Switzerland?

    No, as a rule, a Swiss golf pro must take a course maturity test.

  • Are there golf courses where I can play without a license?

    There are only a few in Switzerland. Otherwise, driving ranges and short courses are a good alternative.

  • Platzreife - and now?

    By passing the Platzreife examination, you have proven that you can play golf safely, quickly and in accordance with the rules. Now you probably can't wait to finally play a full round with friends or colleagues. We'll explain what options are open to you. On the ASGI website you will find a very useful list where all Swiss Golf affiliated clubs are listed with playing conditions.

  • Membership of a golf club

    You can become a member of your "home club" at your home or also a member of the Golf Club Lipperswil. In this case, you pay an annual fee to the club and thereby acquire the right to play on this course an unlimited number of times. If you want to play frequently, membership of a golf club is just the thing for you.
    With the Swiss Golf Card issued to you by the golf club, you can of course also play on almost all other golf courses in Switzerland against payment of the green fee.

    Zum Golf Club Lipperswil
  • Membership ASGI or with Migros

    ASGI is the Swiss Association of Independent Golfers.

    If you are a beginner and don't want to commit to a club right away, are on the road a lot or only want to play occasionally, then a membership with ASGI ( or Migros ( could be the right model for you. You can get the Swiss Golf Card there, which contains various details such as your name and course licence or handicap. With both, you pay a small annual fee, but have to pay extra for each round of golf. It is not uncommon for golf beginners to first decide to become members of one of these public golf organisations in order to try out golf without any obligation and find so much pleasure in the new sport that they eventually switch to a golf club.

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