Express Wellness (1 night)Express Wellness (1 night)

Express Wellness (1 night)

Wellness am Bodensee und Sonderangebot im Thurgau

ab 240,-

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Pentecost (2 nights +)Pentecost (2 nights +)

Pentecost (2 nights +)

  Enjoy the lake of constance region during p

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Long Stay Special (5 nights +)Long Stay Special (5 nights +)

Long Stay Special (5 nights +)

Wellness am Bodensee und Sonderangebot im Thurgau:

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For Couples (2 nights)For Couples (2 nights)

For Couples (2 nights)

Mit dem Geschwisterchen, der Mutter oder dem Partn

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Welcome to the lush green, between Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps: The canton Thurgau offers a limitless range of possibilities. Try Nordic Walking or Masai Walking, start cycling or skating and hiking tours on the lake ridge. Make a ride through orchards, a cruise on Lake Constance or improve your golf handicap.